Called to establish a 24/7 prayer room in the spirit of the tabernacle of David;
a temple for continual praise, worship, thanksgiving, and prayer.

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Giving God Your Past…

This blog written by Marti Soenen. Giving God your past, and your future. And let’s not leave out today. As most people I’m sure, I can ruminate on the past. I can worry about the future. I can live in fear of “what’s around the… Read full post »


How to step forward into the New Year, when you want a do-over…

Here is a good word by Ann Voskamp for starting the new year.


An amazing thing happened…

This blog submitted by Marti Soenen I had an experience this week that is proof…proof that we do not ever know how things will work out, and it is clear evidence that God is continually at work. A month ago my neighbor passed away. An… Read full post »